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Wireless technologies for isolated rural communities in developing countries based on cellular femtocell deployment

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Commission of European Communities
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Rural Wireless Communication, Femtocell Networks, Business Case Study, Wifi-based And Vsat-based Transport Networks, Green Comm., Self-organizing Networks, Demostration Platforms, Standardization
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TUCAN3G is built upon the basic premise that considers information and communications as a key factor of human development. The diffusion of ICT in developing countries has been very asymmetric between densely populated urban areas and isolated rural areas. Geographical conditions have often conditioned solutions for Internet connectivity in rural areas, often based on wireless 2G cellular technologies. From a technological and socio-economical), this project proposes to study the introduction of 3G Femtocells (and its evolution to 4G) in outdoor environments, with backhauling heterogeneous WiLD (WiFi for Long Distances) - WiMAX - VSAT, to provide access to voice and data services to remote rural areas in developing countries. More specifically, the project aims to three specific objectives framed in: (SO1) technology development, (SO2) market research and elaboration of business models, and (SO3) in verification through proofs of concept in platforms installed in basins of the rivers Napo and Putumayo (Peru), which will allow deploying several femtocells in 4 remote rural locations. The technological objective (SO1) aims at optimizing access networks FWI (Femto-WiFi Integration) and heterogeneous transport networks WWVI (WiLD-WiMAX Integration VSAT) to provide 3G service to isolated rural populations in a progressive way . This objective will adopt interference management solutions studied in the ICT project FREEDOM ( for the outdoor rural scenario and will introduce LIPA (IP Local Access) and SIPTO (Selected IP Traffic Offload) features to reduce the burden on the transport network. On its turn, optimal solutions for resource allocation and flow control for WiLD transport networks (WiFi parameterization for long distance and quality of service management) and VSAT (hard & soft acceleration) will be derived. In all cases we will consider the critical factors associated to the energy consumption.
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  • User association strategies in HetNets leading to rate balancing under energy constraints

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    Article en revista
  • Network dimensioning and base station on/off switching strategies for sustainable deployments in remote areas

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    Article en revista
  • The TUCAN3G project: wireless technologies for isolated rural communities in developing countries based on 3G small-cell deployments  Accés obert

     Martínez, A.; Vidal, J.; Simó, J.; Prieto, I.; Agustin, A.; Paco Fernández, J.; Rendón, Á.
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    Article en revista
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  • Base station on/off strategies for wireless networks powered with energy harvesting sources

     Rubio, J.; Pascual Iserte, A.; Vidal, J.
    Joint NEWCOM/COST Workshop on Wireless Communications
    p. 1-2
    Data de presentació: 2015-10
    Presentació treball a congrés
  • Dynamic base station switch on/off strategies for sustainable wireless networks

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    p. 289-293
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    Data de presentació: 2014-06
    Presentació treball a congrés
  • 5G radio network architecture: white paper

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    Data: 2014-02
    Document cientificotècnic
  • Deliverable M43 (project TUCAN3G). Multiple flows control management

     Muñoz, O.; Pascual Iserte, A.; Fernandez, J.; Marques, A.; Figuera, C.; Kilgour, K.; Ratanov, A.; Tupayachi, O.; Ueunten, A.
    Data: 2014-01
    Document cientificotècnic
  • TUCAN3G-M42: Procedures for UMTS/HSPA network optimization and control

     Agustin, A.; Pascual Iserte, A.; Vidal, J.; Del Olmo, J.; Rubio, J.; Marques, A.; Kilgour, K.
    Data: 2013-12
    Document cientificotècnic
  • Deliverable D41 (project TUCAN3G). UMTS/HSPA network dimensioning

     Vidal, J.; Del Olmo, J.; Agustin, A.; Pascual Iserte, A.; Muñoz, O.; Tupayachi, O.; Sánchez, M.; García, C.; Uenten, A.
    Data: 2013-11
    Document cientificotècnic
  • Deliverable M712 (project TUCAN3G). Dissemination and standardisation plan

     Rendón, Á.; Vidal, J.; Muñoz, O.; Martínez, A.; Albaz, Ö.; Paco Fernández, J.; Sánchez, E.; Kilgour, K.; Carbajal, E.; Prieto, I.; Gómez, M.; Pemberthy, L.; Fouskas, K.
    Data: 2013-09
    Document cientificotècnic
  • Deliverable D21 (project TUCAN3G). Socio-economic scenarios, technical specifications and architecture for the proof of concept  Accés obert

     García, A.; Prieto, I.; Sánchez, E.; Muñoz, O.; Vidal, J.; Agustin, A.; Pascual Iserte, A.; Simó, J.; Paco Fernández, J.; Castillo, Y.; Ramírez, G.; Tupayachi, O.
    Data: 2013-05
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  • Deliverable D22 (project TUCAN3G). Operational technical handbook  Accés obert

     Prieto, I.; Martínez, A.; Sotelo, C.; Agustin, A.; Vidal, J.; Simó, J.; Paco Fernández, J.; Rendón, Á.
    Data: 2013-05
    Document cientificotècnic
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