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Methodology for the strategic capacity planning in universities

De La Torre, R.; Lusa, A.; Mateo, M.
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Managing complexity. Challenges for industrial engineering and operations management. Lecture notes in management and industrial engineering 2014
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This paper deals with the blocking flow shop problem and proposes new constructive procedures for the total tardiness minimization of jobs. The heuristic has three-phases to build the sequence; the first phase selects the first job to be scheduled, the second phase arranges the remaining jobs and the third phase uses the insertion procedure of NEH to improve the sequence. The proposed procedures evaluate the tardiness associated to the sequence obtained before and after the third phase in order ...
Companys , R.; Ribas, I. A New Constructive Heuristic for the Fm|block|ST. A: "Managing complexity: challenges for industrial and operations management". 2014, p. 285-291.
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This paper introduces the Strategic Capacity Planning problem in universities and proposes a methodology for solving the problem. The methodology includes the characterization of the problem, the data collection and pre-analysis, the design of a mathematical model, the methodology can be used to assess the impact that different strategies may have on the personnel costs and structure, the model solving and the introduction of uncertainties. Besides the use for staff capacity planning
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OPE-PROTHIUS - Organització de la Producció en Tallers Híbrids
SCOM - Supply Chain and Operations Management