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Teaching system modelling and simulacion through Petri Nets and Arena

Figueras, J.; Guasch, A.; Fonseca, P.; Casanovas, J.
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Winter Simulation Conference 2014
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Winter Simulation Conference 2014, December 7-10, 2014, Savannah, G.A.
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This paper describes our experience teaching discrete - event simulation to several Engineering branches and Computer Science students. In our courses we emphasize the importance of conceptual modelling rather than the simulation tools used to build a model. We think that in discrete - event simulation university courses it is more importan t to provide knowledge to students to develop and analyze conceptual models than focusing in a specific simulation tool that will be industry dependent. Focu...
Figueras, J. [et al.]. Teaching system modelling and simulacion through Petri Nets and Arena. A: Winter Simulation Conference. "Proceedings of the 2014 Winter Simulation Conference A. Tolk, S. D. Diallo, I. O. Ryzhov, L. Yilmaz, S. Buckley, and J. A. Miller, eds.". Savannah: 2014, p. 3662-3673.
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CS2AC-UPC - Supervision, Safety and Automatic Control
IMP - Information Modeling and Processing
SIC - Sistemes Intel·ligents de Control