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Connectivity of large-scale WSNs in fading environments under different routing mechanisms

Mekikis, P. V.; Kartsakli, E.; Lalos, A.; Antonopoulos, A.; Alonso, L.; Verikoukis, C.
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2015 IEEE International Conference on Communications
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2015 IEEE International Conference on Communication Workshop took place 8-12 June 2015 in London, United Kingdom
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As the number of nodes in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) increases, new challenges have to be faced in order to maintain their performance. A fundamental requirement of several applications is the correct transmission of the measurements to their final destinations. Thus, it is crucial to guarantee a high probability of connectivity, which characterizes the ability of every node to report to the fusion center. This network metric is strongly affected by both the fading characteristics and the d...
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Wireless Sensor Network, Connectivity, Routing, Poisson Point Process
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WiComTec - Tecnologies i Comunicacions sense fils