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Generic hyperelliptic Prym varieties and separation of variables in some algebraic integrable systems.

Fedorov, Y.
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Fifth International Conference and School Geometry, Dynamics, Integrable Systems
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Many algebraic integrable systems possess matrix Lax representations whose spectral curves admit involutions. The Jacobians of the curves contain Abelian (Prym) subvarieties whose open subsets are identified with the complex invariant manifolds of the systems. It is known that if the spectral curve S is a 2-fold covering of a hyperelliptic curve ramified at two points, then the Jacobain of S contains a hyperelliptic Prym variety. Recently this variety was given an explicit algebraic descript...
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Algebraic integrable systems, Prym varieties, separation of variables, spectral curves
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SD - Sistemes Dinàmics de la UPC