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Malaria System: a new tool for automatic diagnosis of malaria in mobile devices

Dantas, A.; Eliane , M.; Gómez, J.; Lopez, D.; Zarzuela , F.; Oliveira, J.
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Medicine 2.0'14 Europe (Malaga, Spain)
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Medicine 2.0. 7th Medicine 2.0: Social Media, Mobile Apps, and Internet/Web 2.0
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Background: Malaria is a worldwide public health problem and it is mainly related to remote areas. In this way, low cost systems for automatic diagnosis has become a priority investigation in several research groups. On the other hand, there are new cases due to climate changes which allow the survival of Anopheles in areas previously not inhabited. In this way, the coming years will see a great demand for in loco diagnostic and evaluation systems to these new areas. Objective: Mobile devices ha...
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Diagnosis, Malaria, Mobile devices
Grup de recerca
BIOCOM-SC - Grup de Biologia Computacional i Sistemes Complexos


  • Dantas Oliveira, Allisson  (autor ponent)
  • Eliane Arruda, Mercia  (autor ponent)
  • Gómez Prat, Jordi  (autor ponent)
  • Lopez Codina, Daniel  (autor ponent)
  • Zarzuela Serrat, Francesc  (autor ponent)
  • Oliveira De Albuquerque, Jones  (autor ponent)