Palomo Avellaneda, Leopold
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SIR - Service and Industrial Robotics
Institute of Industrial and Control Engineering (IOC)
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  • SIR: Service and industrial robotics

     Suarez Feijoo, Raul; Rosell Gratacos, Joan; Peña Pitarch, Esteban; Mas Casals, Orestes Miquel; Palomo Avellaneda, Leopold; Claret Robert, Josep Arnau; Zaplana Agut, Isiah; Aldana Lopez, Carlos Ivan; Ruiz Parra, Sergi; Montaño Sarria, Andres Felipe; Rodriguez Pacheco, Carlos; Bashiruddin Ahmed, Muhayyuddin; Basañez Villaluenga, Luis
    Competitive project


  • Sincronización y teleoperación con interacción visual 3D de redes de manipuladores móviles y robots con articulaciones flexibles

     Mas Casals, Orestes Miquel; Rosell Gratacos, Joan; Nuño Ortega, Emmanuel; Palomo Avellaneda, Leopold; Flores Bazaldua, Ignacio; Beltran Guerrero, Diana Marcela; Perez Ruiz, Alexander; Basañez Villaluenga, Luis
    Competitive project


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    A framework for robotized teleoperated tasks  Open access  awarded activity

     Basañez Villaluenga, Luis; Rosell Gratacos, Joan; Palomo Avellaneda, Leopold; Nuño, Emmanuel; Portilla, Henry
    Workshop Español de Robótica
    p. 573-580
    Presentation's date: 2011-11-28
    Presentation of work at congresses

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    Teleoperation systems allow the extension of the human operator’s sensing and manipulative capability into a remote environment to perform tasks at a distance, but the time-delays in the communications affect the stability and transparency of such systems. This work presents a teleoperation framework in which some novel tools, such as nonlinear controllers, relational positioning techniques, haptic guiding and augmented reality, are used to increase the sensation of immersion of the human operator in the remote site. Experimental evidence supports the advantages of the proposed framework.

    "Premio al mejor artículo presentado en ROBOT 2011" atorgat pel Grupo de Robótica, Visión y Control de la Universidad de Sevilla, la Universidad Pablo Olavide i el Centro Avanzado de Tecnologías Aeroespaciales.

  • Nonlinear control and geometric constraint enforcement for teleoperated task execution

     Rodriguez Tsouroukdissian, Adolfo; Nuño, Emmanuel; Palomo Avellaneda, Leopold; Basañez Villaluenga, Luis
    IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems
    p. 5251-5257
    Presentation's date: 2010-10-18
    Presentation of work at congresses

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    This work presents a multimodal teleoperation framework that makes use of novel tools and techniques, such as: nonlinear teleoperators control, for ensuring position tracking in the presence of variable time-delays; relational positioning, for increasing operator performance on precise movement execution by visually and haptically displaying geometric constraints; and augmented reality, for visually combining real and virtual information in a compelling way. Experimental evidence is presented that validates the aptitude of the different components of the proposed framework.


     Rodriguez Tsouroukdissian, Adolfo; Ayza Graells, Jordi; Nuño Ortega, Emmanuel; Flores Bazaldua, Ignacio; Palomo Avellaneda, Leopold; Rosell Gratacos, Joan; Riego Pérez, Albert; Basañez Villaluenga, Luis
    Competitive project