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Two-body approximations in the design of low-energy transfers between Galilean Moons

Fantino, E.; Castelli, R.
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AstroNet-II International Final Conference, 2015
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AstroNet-II International Final Conference: Tossa de Mar, June 15-19 2015: book of abstracts
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Over the last two decades, the robotic exploration of the Solar System has reached the moons of the giant planets. In the case of Jupiter, a strong scientific interest towards its icy moons has motivated important space missions (e.g., EJSM-Laplace, or JUICE). A major issue in this context is the design of efficient trajectories enabling satellite tours, i.e. visiting the several moons in succession. Concepts like the Petit Grand Tour and the Multi-Moon Orbiter have been developed to this purpos...
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L'AIRE - Laboratori Aeronàutic i Industrial de Recerca i Estudis


  • Fantino, Elena  (autor ponent)
  • Castelli, Roberto  (autor ponent)