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Embedded micro-nozzles in the pitch gear deddendum to minimize wear at zero degree position

Farré-Lladós, J.; Westerberg, L.; Casals-Terré, J.
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Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers 70th Annual Meeting and Exhibition
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Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers: 70th Annual Meeting and Exhibition 17-21 May, 2015 Dallas, Texas: programm guide and schedule
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In this study we present a novel method to automatically lubricate the pitch gear teeth while they are in contact and the wind turbine is in operation. A micro-nozzle to continuously inject fresh grease between the teeth in the contact has been designed, manufactured and installed in a test bench of a 2MW wind turbine pitch system. The test bench was used to characterize the fatigue behaviour of the gear surface using conventional wind turbine greases under real cyclic loads, showing a delay on...
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MICROTECH LAB - Microtechnology for the Industry