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Quercetin effect on the stability and regeneration of the G-protein-coupled receptor rhodopsin

Perez, J.; Garriga, P.; Herrera-Hernandez, M.; S. Lupala, C.; Dong, X.
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The XXIX symposium of the Protein Society
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G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) are transmembrane heptahelical receptors that constitute a large and widespread family of signal transduction proteins. A number of extracellular ligands, ranging from small molecules to GPCR-binding proteins, have been proposed as good candidates for drug design. The binding of an agonist to a GPCR causes a conformational change in the receptor that leads to its activated functional state. Rhodopsin, the membrane receptor responsible for photoreception in the...
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Qercitin, Rhodopsin, Rhodopsin Regeneration
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CEBIM - Centre de Biotecnologia Molecular
GBMI - Grup de Biotecnologia Molecular i Industrial