Sirvent Pardell, Raül
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CAP - High Performace Computing Group
Department of Computer Architecture
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  • OPTIMIS: A holistic approach to cloud service provisioning

     Juan, Ana; Hernández, Francisco; Tordsson, Johan; Elmroth, Erik; Ali-Eldin, Ahmed; Zsigri, Csilla; Sirvent Pardell, Raül; Guitart Fernández, Jordi; Badia Sala, Rosa Maria; Djemame, Karim; Ziegler, Wolfgang; Dimitrakos, Theo; Nair, Srijith K.; Kousiouris, George; Konstanteli, Kleopatra; Varvarigou, Theodora; Hudzia, Benoit; Kipp, Alexander; Wesner, Stefan; Corrales, Marcelo; Forgó, Nikolaus; Sharif, Tabassum; Sheridan, Craig
    Future generation computer systems
    Date of publication: 2012-01
    Journal article

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    We present fundamental challenges for scalable and dependable service platforms and architectures that enable flexible and dynamic provisioning of cloud services. Our findings are incorporated in a toolkit targeting the cloud service and infrastructure providers. The innovations behind the toolkit are aimed at optimizing the whole service life cycle, including service construction, deployment, and operation, on a basis of aspects such as trust, risk, eco-efficiency and cost. Notably, adaptive self-preservation is crucial to meet predicted and unforeseen changes in resource requirements. By addressing the whole service life cycle, taking into account several cloud architectures, and by taking a holistic approach to sustainable service provisioning, the toolkit aims to provide a foundation for a reliable, sustainable, and trustful cloud computing industry.

  • Demonstration of the OPTIMIS toolkit for cloud service provisioning

     Badia Sala, Rosa Maria; Corrales, Marcelo; Dimitrakos, Theo; Djemame, Karim; Elmroth, Erik; Juan Ferrer, Ana; Forgó, Nikolaus; Guitart Fernández, Jordi; Hernández, Francisco; Hudzia, Benoit; Kipp, Alexander; Konstanteli, Kleopatra; Kousiouris, George; Nair, Srijith K.; Sharif, Tabassum; Sheridan, Craig; Sirvent Pardell, Raül; Tordsson, Johan; Varvarigou, Theodora; Wesner, Stefan; Ziegler, Wolfgang; Zsigri, Csilla
    ServiceWave Conference Series
    Presentation's date: 2011
    Presentation of work at congresses

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  • GRID superscalar: a programming model for the Grid.

     Sirvent Pardell, Raül
    Defense's date: 2009-02-03
    Department of Computer Architecture, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

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  • Performance Monitoring of Grid Superscalar: Summing UP

     Badia Sala, Rosa Maria; Sirvent Pardell, Raül; Wlodzimierz, Funika; Machner, Piotr; Marian, Bubak
    Date of publication: 2009-02
    Book chapter

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     Gonzalez Tallada, Marc; Alonso López, Javier; Sirvent Pardell, Raül; Guitart Fernández, Jordi; Carrera Perez, David; Martorell Bofill, Xavier; Torres Viñals, Jordi; Badia Sala, Rosa Maria; Cortes Rossello, Antonio; Corbalan Gonzalez, Julita; Costa Prats, Juan Jose; Farreras Esclusa, Montserrat; Gil Gómez, Maria Luisa; Navarro Mas, Nacho; Herrero Zaragoza, José Ramón; Tejedor Saavedra, Enric; Becerra Fontal, Yolanda; Nou Castell, Ramon; Labarta Mancho, Jesus Jose; Ayguade Parra, Eduard
    Participation in a competitive project


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    EMOTIVE: the BSC¿s engine for cloud solutions  Open access

     Goiri Presa, Iñigo; Guitart Fernández, Jordi; Macias Lloret, Mario; Torres Viñals, Jordi; Ayguade Parra, Eduard; Ejarque, Jorge; Sirvent Pardell, Raül; Lezzi, Daniele; Badia Sala, Rosa Maria
    Zero-In eMagazine: Building Insights, Breaking Boundaries
    Date of publication: 2009-10-01
    Journal article

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    Cloud computing is strongly based on virtualization, allowing applications to be multiplexed onto a physical resource while isolated from other applications sharing that physical resource. This technology simplifies the management of e-Infrastructures, but also requires additional effort if users are to benefit from it. Cloud computing must hide its underlying complexity from users: the key is to provide users with a simple but functional interface for accessing IT resources "as a service", while allowing providers to build costeffective self-managed systems for transparently managing these resources. System developers should be also supported with simple tools that allow them to exploit the facilities of cloud infrastructures.