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Stock management in hospital pharmacy using chance-constrained model predictive control

Jurado, I.; Maestre, J.; Velarde, P.; Ocampo-Martinez, C.A.; Fernandez, I.; Isla, B.; del Prado, J.
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Computers in biology and medicine
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One of the most important problems in the pharmacy department of a hospital is stock management. The clinical needs of drugs must be satisfied with limited work labor while minimizing the use of economical resources. The complexity of the problem resides in the random nature of the drug demand and the multiple constraints that must be taken into account in every decision. In this article, chance-constrained model predictive control is proposed to deal with this problem. The flexibility of model ...
Jurado, I., Maestre, J., Velarde, P., Ocampo-Martinez, C.A., Fernandez, I., Isla, B., del Prado, J. Stock management in hospital pharmacy using chance-constrained model predictive control. "Computers in biology and medicine", 1 Maig 2016, vol. 72, p. 248-255.
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Control System Synthesis, Control Theory, Optimisation, Predictive Control, Hospital Pharmacy, Inventory Management, Model Predictive Control, Chance Constraints
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CS2AC-UPC - Supervision, Safety and Automatic Control
SAC - Sistemes Avançats de Control


  • Jurado, Isabel  (autor)
  • Maestre Torreblanca, José María  (autor)
  • Velarde, Pablo  (autor)
  • Ocampo Martinez, Carlos A.  (autor)
  • Fernandez, Isabel  (autor)
  • Isla Tejera, Beatriz  (autor)
  • del Prado, José Ramón  (autor)