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Stabbing circles for sets of segments in the plane

Claverol, M.; Khramtcova, E.; Papadopoulou, E.; Saumell, M.; Seara, C.
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12th Latin American Theoretical Informatics Symposium
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LATIN 2016: Theoretical Informatics: 12th Latin American Symposium, Ensenada, Mexico, April 11-15, 2016: proceedings
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Stabbing a set S of n segments in the plane by a line is a well-known problem. In this paper we consider the variation where the stabbing object is a circle instead of a line. We show that the problem is tightly connected to cluster Voronoi diagrams, in particular, the Hausdorff and the farthest-color Voronoi diagram. Based on these diagrams, we provide a method to compute all the combinatorially different stabbing circles for S, and the stabbing circles with maximum and minimum radius. We give ...
Claverol, M., Khramtcova, E., Papadopoulou, E., Saumell, M., Seara, C. Stabbing circles for sets of segments in the plane. A: LATIN - Theoretical Informatics. Latin American Symposium. "LATIN 2016: Theoretical Informatics. 12th Latin American Symposium". Ensenada: 2016, p. 290-305.
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Computational geometry, Farthest-color Voronoi diagram, Hausdorff space, Segment set, Stabbing circles, Stabbing object
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CGA -Computational Geometry and Applications