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Two neighbourhoods created in Barcelona in the 1950s: two models of a city, two models of society

Rossello, M.
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13th International Conference on Urban History : reinterpreting cities
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Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Urban History : reinterpreting cities : Helsinki from the 24th to the 27th August 2016
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The Congrés Eucarístic (1952) neighbourhood and the Trinitat Nova (1953) estate in Barcelona were built at the same time to meet the severe lack of housing in the 1950s. Josep Soteras, an architect, participated directly in both of these projects, but they were developed in very different ways, and reflected two clearly different models of social housing. The first was a proposal for a neighbourhood integrated into the existing city; designed to fit into it and for the city and the neighbourho...
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Barcelona, Habitatge Social Barcelona, Habitatges, Residential Estates, Segle Xx, Social Housing, Twentieth Century
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PUPP - Perspectives Urbanes: Aproximacions Comparades