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Online advertising: analysis of privacy threats and protection approaches

Estrada, J.; Parra-Arnau, J.; Rodriguez, A.; Forne, J.
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Computer communications
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INcident monitoRing In Smart COmmunities (INRISCO). QoS and Privacy. National Spanish project TEC2014-54335-C4-1-R
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Online advertising, the pillar of the “free” content on the Web, has revolutionized the marketing business in recent years by creating a myriad of new opportunities for advertisers to reach potential customers. The current advertising model builds upon an intricate infrastructure composed of a variety of intermediary entities and technologies whose main aim is to deliver personalized ads. For this purpose, a wealth of user data is collected, aggregated, processed and traded behind the scenes...
Estrada, J., Parra-Arnau, J., Rodriguez, A., Forne, J. Online advertising: analysis of privacy threats and protection approaches. "Computer communications", 27 Desembre 2016.
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Online Advertising, Web Tracking, User Profiling, Privacy Risks
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ISG - Grup de Seguretat de la Informació


  • Estrada, José  (autor)
  • Parra Arnau, Javier  (autor)
  • Rodriguez, Ana  (autor)
  • Forné, Jordi  (autor)