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Selection of composite binary endpoints in clinical trials

Bofill, M.; Gomez, G.
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Biometrical journal
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The choice of a primary endpoint is an important issue when designing a clinical trial. It is common to use composite endpoints as a primary endpoint because it increases the number of observed events, captures more information and is expected to increase the power. However, combining events that have no similar clinical importance and have different treatment effects makes the interpretation of the results cumbersome and might reduce the power of the corresponding tests. Gómez and Lagakos prop...
Bofill, M., Gomez, G. Selection of composite binary endpoints in clinical trials. "Biometrical journal", 12 Octubre 2017.
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Asymptotic Relative Efficiency, Binary Endpoint, Clinical Trial, Composite Endpoint, Treatment Effects
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GRBIO - Grup de Recerca en Bioestadística i Bioinformàtica