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Homotopy linear algebra

Galvez, M.; Kock, J.; Tonks, A.
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Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Section A Mathematics
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By homotopy linear algebra we mean the study of linear functors between slices of the 8-category of 8-groupoids, subject to certain finiteness conditions. After some standard definitions and results, we assemble said slices into 8-categories to model the duality between vector spaces and profinite-dimensional vector spaces, and set up a global notion of homotopy cardinality à la Baez, Hoffnung and Walker compatible with this duality. We needed these results to support our work on incidence alge...
Galvez, M., Kock, J., Tonks, A. Homotopy linear algebra. "Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh: Section A Mathematics", 17 Octubre 2017, p. 1.
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Duality, Homotopy Cardinality, Homotopy Finiteness, Infinity-groupoids, Linear Algebra
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GEOMVAP - Geometria de Varietats i Aplicacions