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Discovery of 157W and 161Os

Bianco, L.; Page, R.; Darby, I.; Joss, D.; Simpson, J.; Al-khalili, J.S; Cannon, A.J.; Cederwall, B.; Eeckhaudt, S.; Ertürk, S.; Gall, B.; Gómez, M.; Grahn, T.; Greenlees, P.; Hadinia, B.; Heyde, K.; Jakobsson, U.; Jones, P.; Julin, R.; Juutinen, S.; Ketelhut, S.; Labiche, M.; Leino, M.; Leppänen, A.; Nyman, M.; O'Donnell, D.; Paul, E.; Petri, M.; Peura, P.; Puurunen, A.; Rahkila, P.; Ruotsalainen, P.; Sandzelius, M.; Sapple, P.J.; Sarén, J.; Scholey, C.; Smirnova, N.; Steer, A.; Stevenson, P.D.; Suckling, E.; Thomson, J.; Uusitalo, J.; Venhart, M.
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Physics letters B
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The nuclides 157W and 161Os have been discovered in reactions of 58Ni ion beams with a 106Cd target. The 161Os a -decay energy and half-life were 6890±12 keV and 640±60 µs. The daughter 157W nuclei ß -decayed with a half-life of 275±40 ms, populating both low-lying a-decaying states in 157Ta, which is consistent with a 7/2- ground state in 157W. Fine structure observed in the a decay of 161Os places the lowest excited state in 157W with Ip=9/2- at 318±30 keV. The branching ratio of View ...
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Nuclear Reactions, 58ni + 106cd At 290, 300, 310 Mev Beam Energy, Gas-filled Recoil Separator, Si Detectors, Measured, Ea, T1/2, Deduced, Neutron Single-particle Configurations In 161os, 157w, Shell Model Calculations


  • Bianco, L  (autor)
  • Page, R.D.  (autor)
  • Darby, I.G.  (autor)
  • Joss, D.T.  (autor)
  • Simpson, J.  (autor)
  • Al-khalili, J.S.  (autor)
  • Cannon, A.J.  (autor)
  • Cederwall, B.  (autor)
  • Eeckhaudt, S.  (autor)
  • Ertürk, S.  (autor)
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