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Diagonal Nord

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On the North Campus, the Barcelona School of Telecommunications Engineering New window, the Barcelona School of Informatics New window, and the Barcelona School of Civil Engineering New window bring together students, researchers and research centres on a campus that's a pace-setter in the field of technological innovation, both within Spain and internationally. The North Campus is also home to university services such as the Rector Gabriel Ferraté Library, a sports centre, a shopping area, and the Student Union, where a number of student associations are based. The Nexus buildings, home to many companies that work closely with the University, are also located in this area.

Scientific and technological production

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  • The Puerto Lápice eucrite

     Llorca, J.; Casanova, I.; Trigo-Rodríguez, J.; Madiedo, J. M.; Roszjar, J.; Bischoff, A.; Ott, U.; Franchi, I.; Greenwood, R.; Laubenstein, M.
    Meteoritic and planetary sciences
    Vol. 44, num. 2, p. 159-174
    DOI: 10.1111/j.1945-5100.2009.tb00725.x
    Date of publication: 2009-02
    Journal article
  • The Villalbeto de la Peña meteorite fall: I. Fireball energy, meteorite recobery, strewn fiels and petrography

     Llorca, J.; Trigo, J.; Ortiz, J.; Docobo , J. A.; García, J.; Castro, A.; Rubin, A.; Eugster, O.; Edwards, W.; Laubenstein, M.; Casanova, I.
    Meteoritics and planetary science
    Vol. 40, p. 795-804
    Date of publication: 2006-02
    Journal article