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Optimal task assignment in multithreaded processors: a statistical approach

Cakarevic, V.; Radojkovic, P.; Moreto, M.; Verdu, J.; Pajuelo, M.A.; Cazorla, F. J.; Nemirovsky, M.; Valero, M.
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17th International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems
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ASPLOS'12: Proceedings of the seventeenth international conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems
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The introduction of massively multithreaded (MMT) processors, comprised of a large number of cores with many shared resources, has made task scheduling, in particular task to hardware thread assignment, one of the most promising ways to improve system performance. However, finding an optimal task assignment for a workload running on MMT processors is an NP-complete problem. Due to the fact that the performance of the best possible task assignment is unknown, the room for improvement of current t...
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Extreme value theory, Multithreading, Scheduling, Statistical estimation, Task assignment
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CAP - Grup de Computació d'Altes Prestacions
VIRTUOS - Virtualisation and Operating Systems