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Improvement of the fire behaviour of PCM in building applications

Haurie, L.; Lacasta, A.M; Fernandez, J.; Realinho, V.; Velasco J.I.
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12th International Conference on Energy Storage
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Innostock 2012: the 12th International Conference on Energy Storage: Lleida, Spain, May 16th-18th
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Phase change materials (PCM) have been proved to be an effective tool to regulate indoor temperature fluctuations and reduce the energetic demand of buildings [1,2]. Paraffins are among the most common PCM used for thermal storage in building applications. A broad range of melting temperatures, with an elevated heat of fusion associated, can be obtained varying the length of the hydrocarbon chain that forms the paraffins. Furthermore, they exhibit numerous benefits such as the nearly absence of ...
Haurie, L. [et al.]. Improvement of the fire behaviour of PCM in building applications. A: International Conference on Energy Storage. "Proceedings of Innostock 2012 conference on Energy Storage". Lleida: 2012.
Group of research
GICITED - Interdisciplinary Group on Building Scienceand and Technology
POLY2 - Polyfunctional polymeric materials