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Managing Risk and Costs in Open Source Software Adoption

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Competitive project
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Commission of European Communities
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642.766,92 €
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MOTIVATION: By 2013 an estimated 85% of all commercial software packages will include OSS
PROBLEM: Failure rates in OSS projects are reported to be higher than 50%. In 2011, inadequate risk management was identified among the top 5 mistakes to avoid when implementing OSS-based solutions. Understanding, managing and mitigating OSS adoption risks is therefore crucial to avoid potentially significant adverse impact on the business, in terms of time to market, customer satisfaction, revenue and brand image
APPROACH: The RISCOSS project will offer novel risk identification, management and mitigation tools and methods for community-based and industry-supported OSS development, composition and life cycle management to individually, collectively and/or collaboratively manage OSS adoption risks. Using advanced software engineering techniques, RISCOSS will deliver a risk-aware technical decision-making management platform integrated in a business-oriented decision-making framework, which together support placing technical OSS adoption decisions into organizational, business strategy as well as the broader OSS community context
OBJECTIVES: To offer:- OSS risk management techniques and practices. Scalable, flexible and efficient quantitative and qualitative decision-making techniques- Business models for OSS solutions. Flexible, customizable business models for OSS adoption considering involved stakeholders, their strategies and decision-making- Strategic modelling and analysis of OSS ecosystems. Modelling approach to map out relevant organizational and OSS community context- Tool Support. Rich, usable, collaborative and customisable web-based software platform offering integrated risk-management techniques developed in this, and reused from other, projects
KEY RESULTS: 1) The RISCOSS sustainable platform. 2) Know-how about the stated objectives. 3) Improved competitiveness of IT European Industry. 4) Exploitation in the project through several case studies.
Decision-making Techniques, OSS, Open-source software, Risk Management
VII Programa Marc de la Unió Europea 2007-2013
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Information and Communication Technologies
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