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Simultaneous removal of H2S, NH3 and ethylmercaptan in biotrickling filters

Gamisans, X.
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Water & Industry 2011: IWA Specialist Conference Chemical Industries
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IWA International Water Association: IWA specialist conference chemical industries, 1-4 May 2011 Valladolid, Spain
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The present work discusses the startup and operation of different biotrickling filters during the simultaneous removal of NH3, H2S and ethylmercaptan for odor control focussing on a) the impact of pH control in the stability of the nitrification processes during reactors startup and b) the crossed effects of selected pollutants and their by-products. Two biotrickling filters were packed with poplar wood chips while a third reactor was packed with polyurethane foam. The presence of a pH control l...
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H2S, NH3, biotrickling filter, crossed effects, ethylmercaptan, pH control
Grup de recerca
BIOGAP - Grup de Tractament Biològic de Contaminants Gasosos i Olors
SSR-UPC - Smart Sustainable Resources