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Active control of vibrations in structures subject to multidirectional dynamic excitations

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Modelización, control, identificación, plataforma Stewart, vibraciones
Modelling, identification and control of dynamical systems subject to complex vibrations are challenging problems of special interest in the field of automatic control. The present project is focused on the active control of vibrations in flexible structures subject to multidirectional dynamic excitations. To this end, as a case study, we consider a class of systems consisting in a flexible structure mounted on a base that can move along six degrees of freedom due to environmental excitations. The final control actuator is a Stewart platform (hexapod) with six leg-actuators that allow implementing sophisticated control actions. This platform is installed between the structure and the base, so that the overall objective is the isolation of the structure from the environmental loads.
The objectives of the project can be classified into four theoretical and experimental tasks, which are interrelated and complementary: (1) dynamic modelling and identification of the previous systems; (2) development of new control strategies to manipulate the six leg-actuators of the actuator hexapod in order to reduce the external perturbations (vibrations); (3) experimental validations of the obtained numerical models; and (4) numerical and experimental validations of the designed controllers.
To carry out the experimental validations and tests, we have access to two laboratories equipped with hexapods, one located at the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), Barcelona, and the other at the University of Agder, Grimstad (Norway), with high capacity to conduct experimental simulations. In addition to the control actuator hexapod, an additional hexapod will be used to experimentally induce the excitations at the base. Then, the six degrees of freedom of its motion will allow generate complex patterns of multidirectional excitations.
The proposed problem is of practical interest in a variety of technical and industrial fields. We can consider, for instance, the vibrational isolation of precision instruments, operation of cranes and other positioning systems installed on board of ships or marine platforms, operation of floating offshore wind turbines, or seismic isolation of structures and equipments.
Although the project can be considered as basic research, it should be highlighted its potential incidence in future projects. Additionally, the project also seeks to consolidate an interdisciplinary research team with background on mathematical systems theory and engineering, with the possibility to transfer the obtained results to technological and industrial applications.
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Plan Nacional de Investigación Científica, Desarrollo e Innovación Tecnológica 2008-2011
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