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Models and methods of mathematical programming and applications

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Competitive project
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110.969,00 €
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This project aims to give continuity to high-quality research in solving optimization problems using Mathematical Programming. Its main goal is the publication of high-impact results for the resolution of social, technological, and economic problems. To this end, we propose a framework of activities where young researchers collaborate with Mathematical Programming expert researchers from different Spanish universities, while strengthening the network of international contacts already established.
This application maintains the groups involved in previous calls of the National Plan since 2000 (research projects: TIC2000-1750-C06, TIC2003-05982-C05, MTM2006-14961-C05, MTM2009-14039-C06), yielding a group which is large and efficient enough to successfully address the proposed challenges. Such goals could hardly be achieved without the cooperation scheme explained in this application. We are a consolidated team in Spain, with researchers known internationally in the Optimization arena, as shown by the publications track record in the last 12 years.
The research topics covered in this application include traditional research lines of the groups (such as routing and location problems, and stochastic programming), and new lines (network design, strategic planning) are added. These lines have in common the fact that they are motivated by interesting applications which call for solving complex optimization problems, Mathematical Programming being a promising methodology to solve them. The apparent spread of optimization problems to be addressed is only due to the size of project; however, the framework is Mathematical Programming, and the interest of all groups in getting together in a common project is to take advantage of the methodologies and experiences accumulated by the different groups.
In terms of scientific production, size and commitment (almost all researchers from all groups are full-time involved), and by thematic scope, this is a project in Operational Research of undeniable power.
algoritmos, modelos, optimización, programación matemática
Adm. Estat
Plan Nacional de Investigación Científica, Desarrollo e Innovación Tecnológica 2008-2011
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Funcding program
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Funding call
Proyectos de investigación y acciones complementarias-MTM
Grant institution
Gobierno De España. Ministerio De Economía Y Competitividad, Mineco


  • Fernandez Areizaga, Elena  (scientific coordinator, researcher)
  • Luna Mota, Carlos  (researcher)
  • Barcelo Bugeda, Jaime  (researcher)
  • Albareda Sambola, Maria  (researcher)
  • Linares Herreros, Maria Paz  (researcher)
  • Saldanha da Gama, Francisco  (researcher)
  • Roca Riu, Mireia  (researcher)
  • Núñez del Toro, Alma Cristina  (researcher)
  • Rodriguez Pereira, Jessica  (researcher)
  • Carmona Bautista, Carlos  (researcher)
  • Araoz Durand, Julian Arturo  (researcher)
  • Ruiz Ruiz, Hector Efrain  (researcher)
  • Franquesa, Carles  (researcher)
  • Huerta Muñoz, Diana Lucia  (researcher)
  • Laporte, Gilbert  (researcher)
  • Díaz Garcia, Juan Antonio  (researcher)
  • Rueda Cerna, Salvador  (researcher)
  • Ibañez Mari, Gemma  (researcher)
  • Contreras Aguilar, Ivan  (researcher)

Scientific and technological production

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