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Europan 11 Szeged

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GICITED - Interdisciplinary Group on Building Scienceand and Technology
REARQ - Rehabilitation and Architectural Restoration


  • Velarde Sanz, Andrés  (Referenced author)
  • Palencia Serrano, María  (Referenced author)
  • Sigüenza Gómez, Pablo  (Referenced author)
  • Pardo Roquero, Gonzalo  (Referenced author)
  • Lopez Lopez, David  (Referenced author)
  • Campillo González, Jimena  (Referenced author)
  • Enríquez Lage, Juan  (Referenced author)
  • Magro Baroni, Cristina  (Referenced author)
  • Domenech Rodriguez, Marta  (Referenced author)
  • Álvarez Roa, Ramón  (Referenced author)
  • Palumbo Fernandez, Mariana  (Referenced author)