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Performance evaluation of synergic operation of algorithms enabling opportunistic networks - D4.3

Perez-Romero, J.; Sallent, J.; Bouali, F.; Ferrús, R.; Agusti, R.; Gebert, J.; Fuchs, R.; Demestichas, P.; Georgakopoulos, A.; Stavroulaki, V.; Kritikou, Y.; Tzifa, L.; Koutsouris, N.; Karvounas, D.; Logothetis, M.; Sarli, A.; Papadopoulou, L.; Galani, A.; Vlacheas, P.; Morakos, P.; Antzoulatos, A.; Tosic, M.; Boskovic, D.; Chen, X.; Pega, S.; Bourdellès, M.; Vahid, S.; Bagayoko, A.; Mouton, C.; Delsol, T.; Panaitopol, D.; Ainwaimi, G.; Tsagkaris, K.; Sarvanko, H.; Cirilovic, M.; Riaz, M.; Lee, H.; Moreno, O.; Bantouna, A.
Type of activity
Project funding
Opportunistic networks and Cognitive Management Systems for Efficient Application Provision in the Future InterneT
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Deliverable D4.3 del projecte OneFIT
Perez, J. [et al.]. "Performance evaluation of synergic operation of algorithms enabling opportunistic networks - D4.3". 2012.
Opportunistic networks, algorithms, infrastructure-less networks, node selection, route selection, spectrum selection, suitability determination, traffic aggregation
Group of research
CCABA - Advanced Broadband Communications Center
GRCM - Mobile Communication Reserach Group


  • Pérez Romero, Jordi  (author)
  • Sallent Roig, Jose Oriol  (author)
  • Bouali, Faouzi  (author)
  • Ferrús Ferré, Ramon  (author)
  • Agusti Comes, Ramon  (author)
  • Gebert, Jens  (author)
  • Fuchs, Rolf  (author)
  • Demestichas, Panagiotis  (author)
  • Georgakopoulos, Andreas  (author)
  • Stavroulaki, Vera  (author)
  • Kritikou, Yiouli  (author)
  • Tzifa, Lia  (author)
  • Koutsouris, Nikos  (author)
  • Karvounas, Dimitrios  (author)
  • Logothetis, Marios  (author)
  • Sarli, Asimina  (author)
  • Papadopoulou, Louisa-Magdalene  (author)
  • Galani, Aristi  (author)
  • Vlacheas, Panagiotis  (author)
  • Morakos, Petros  (author)
  • Antzoulatos, Alexandros  (author)
  • Tosic, Milenko  (author)
  • Boskovic, Dragan  (author)
  • Chen, Xianfu  (author)
  • Pega, Stéphane  (author)
  • Bourdellès, Michel  (author)
  • Vahid, Seiamak  (author)
  • Bagayoko, Abdoulaye  (author)
  • Mouton, Christian  (author)
  • Delsol, Thomas  (author)
  • Panaitopol, Dorin  (author)
  • Ainwaimi, Ghassan  (author)
  • Tsagkaris, Kostas  (author)
  • Sarvanko, Heli  (author)
  • Cirilovic, Mirko  (author)
  • Riaz, Maryam  (author)
  • Lee, Haeyoung  (author)
  • Moreno, Oscar  (author)
  • Bantouna, Aimilia  (author)