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Studying Art Paintings through a Multispectral Imaging System Composed of Light-Emitting Diodes Covering the Spectral Range from 370 to 1600 nm

Herrera, J.; Vilaseca, M.; Burgos, Francisco J.; Font, L.; Senserrich, R.; Pujol, J.
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Interim Meeting of the International Color Association: In Color We Live: Color & Environment
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In Color we live: color and environment: interim meeting of the International Color Association (AIC): conference proceedings
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Multispectral systems are implemented in many ways and are intended for different purposes. Some of them have been used for the study of art work but they have been mostly based on filters. In this work we assess the feasibility of a multispectral system based on Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) for the study of art work paintings. This system is comprised of two cameras and two sets of LEDs with different peak wavelengths of emission. Images from the 23 channels of the system give access to pixel-wi...
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Estimación espectral, Imágenes multiespectrales, LEDs, Pinturas
Grup de recerca
CD6 - Centre de Desenvolupament de Sensors, Instrumentació i Sistemes
GREO - Grup de Recerca en Enginyeria Òptica