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The physical vulnerability of roads to debris flows: an expert judgement approach

Smith, J.; Winter, M.; Fotopoulou, S.; Pitilakis, K.; Mavrouli, O.; Corominas, J.; Argyroudis, S.
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11th International Symposium on Landslides
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Landslides and Engineered Slopes
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CRC Press. Taylor & Francies Group
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The physical vulnerability of roads to debris flow is expressed through fragility functions that relate flow volume to damage probabilities. Fragility relationships are essential components of quantitative risk assessments (QRA) as they allow for the estimation of risk within a consequence-based framework. To the best of the Authors’ knowledge this is the first time that fragility curves have been produced in order to provide the conditional probability for a road to be in, or to exceed, a cer...
Smith, J. [et al.]. The physical vulnerability of roads to debris flows: an expert judgement approach. A: International Symposium on Landslides. "Landslides and Engineered Slopes". Banff: CRC Press. Taylor & Francies Group, 2013, p. 307-313.
Group of research
EnGeoModels - Monitoring and Modelling in Engineering Geology
MSR - Soil and Rock Mechanics


  • Smith, Jessica  (author and speaker )
  • Winter, Mike  (author and speaker )
  • Fotopoulou, Stavroula D.  (author and speaker )
  • Pitilakis, Kyriazis D.  (author and speaker )
  • Mavrouli, Olga Christina  (author and speaker )
  • Corominas Dulcet, Jordi  (author and speaker )
  • Argyroudis, Sotiris  (author and speaker )