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Total lightning observations to wind turbines

Montaña, J.; Van Der Velde, O.; Romero, D.; March, V.; Sola, G.; Pineda, N.; Hermoso , B.; Senosiáin, V.
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31st International Conference on Lightning Protection
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International Conference on Lightning Protection (ICLP), 2012: 2-7 September 2012, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria
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In summer 2011 a new VHF Lightning Mapping Array was installed at the northeast of Spain. In that area a VHF interferometer and a VLFILF lightning detection networks are also operative. The close presence of wind farms in the area of the Lightning Mapping Array showed some lightning activity not reported before. This paper describes the observations and discusses the possible effects to the wind turbine lightning protection
Montaña, J. [et al.]. Total lightning observations to wind turbines. A: International Conference on Lightning Protection. "ICLP-2013". Viena: 2012.
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LRG - Lightning Research Group