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Introducing use cases in a small organization: an experience and lessons learned

Costal, D.; Franch, X.; Rodríguez, N.; Delgado, L.; Jiménez, C.
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XVI CIBSE - Ibero-american conference on Software Engineering
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Proceedings of the XVI CibSE
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In this paper we report the adoption of use cases by a small organization in a university setting. Use cases were first introduced in the middle of a huge project and adopted thereafter for later projects. The paper mostly focuses in the first experience, whose most interesting characteristics were the large size of the resulting specification, the fact that it took place once the project had started (for documentation purposes instead of driving the development) and the limitation that resourc...
Costal, M. [et al.]. Introducing use cases in a small organization: an experience and lessons learned. A: Ibero-American Conference on Software Engineering. "CIbSE 2013: XVI Ibero-american Conference on Software Engineering: Memorias del XVI Workshop de Ingeniería en Requisitos, WER 2013: Del 8 al 10 de Abril, 2013 Universidad ORT Uruguay – Campus Centro Montevideo, Uruguay". Montevideo: 2013, p. 26-31.
Group of research
ICARUS - Intelligent Communications and Avionics for Robust Unmanned Aerial Systems
inSSIDE - integrated Software, Service, Information and Data Engineering