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Comparison of different hybrid electric vehicles concepts in terms of consumption and efficiency

Torres , O.; Bader, B.; Romeral, L.; Lux, G.; Ortega, J.A.
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26th Electric Vehicle Symposium 2012
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Proceedings of the 26th Electric Vehicle Symposium 2012
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The objective of this paper is to compare the most common HEV power train structures. As a first step, forward and backward models of these vehicle concepts are implemented using Modelica/Dymola in order to evaluate and compare the energy consumption. Taking into account fuel/electrical consumption and the losses in the powertrain components, a comparison of two different alternatives of Hybrid Electric Vehicle models (parallel structure and Range Extender) are presented in this publication. To ...
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Efficiency, Energy consumption, Modelling, Optimization, Parallel HEV, Powertrain, Series HEV, Simulation
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MCIA - Motion Control and Industrial Applications Research Group
PERC-UPC - Centre de Recerca d'Electrònica de Potència UPC