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Influence of the prediction horizon length of a PHEV energy management on fuel consumption

Bader, B.; Torres , O.; Ortega, J.A.; Lux, G.; Romeral, L.
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26th Electric Vehicle Symposium 2012
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Proceedings of the 26th Electric Vehicle Symposium 2012
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he use of information about the future vehicle trajectory is especially advantageous for the energy management strategies of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles. This is based on the fact that for minimal fuel consumption the stored electric energy should be consumed until the end of the trip, if the trip length exceeds the electric range of the vehicle. Therefore, best results are achieved by an optimization of the torque distribution between both electric motor and combustion engine knowing the w...
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Algorithms, Electric vehicles, Energy management, Hybrid vehicles, Optimization, Trajectories, Uncertainty analysis
Grup de recerca
MCIA - Motion Control and Industrial Applications Research Group
PERC-UPC - Centre de Recerca d'Electrònica de Potència UPC