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Improved EMC test methods in industrial environments

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Competitive project
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105.955,65 €
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Equipment placed on the European Market has to fulfil the essential requirements of the European EMC Directive. The normal approach is to show compliance using the standardised, basic, test requirements. These basic test methods are dedicated to a limited range of products, which can be transported to an EMC test laboratory. Large equipment cannot be easily transported, and the cost of testing is mainly due to the time needed to install and, after the EMC tests, dismantle the equipment with the associated instrumentation and control equipment. Other types of equipment can only be tested in its actual operating environment, thus in-situ. Another category of equipment can only be used in clean room areas, such as silicon wafer lithography equipment. In addition, there is also a category of equipment which can be tested in a more complete and faster manner, when smarter in-situ test techniques are employed. An example is a satellite system with over 3000 waveguide connections which can be tested significantly faster in a reverberation chamber, than in an anechoic chamber or on an open area test site.

The overall objective of the TE group members active in the EMC area is to contribute to the project by firstly aiming to investigate and improve the existing alternative methods which are already used in industry, to establish their correlation with corresponding laboratory tests, and prepare their uncertainty budgets/calculations. Furthermore, they will contribute to the development of new alternative EMC test methods related to the standard EMC tests in accordance with the needs of European industry.

The ‘Improved EMC Test Methods in Industrial Environments’ project is an EMRP (European Metrology Research Programme) JRP (Joint Research Projects) project. It is also known as IND60 (Industry 60) project with short name ‘EMC’. More information can be found on http://www.emc-industry.com/ and http://www.euramet.org/
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Metrology for industry Joint Research Projects (JRPs) - EURAMET
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European Association Of National Metrology Institutes, Euramet


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