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Spatial heterogeneities and dynamics in a dipolar supercooled liquid

Sese, G.; Palomar, R.; Ortiz de Urbina, J.
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7th. International Discussion Meeting on Relaxations in Complex Systems
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7th International Discussion Meeting on Relaxations inComplex Systems
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Links between structure and dynamics have been studied in a model dipolar liquid in the supercooled regime by means of molecular dynamics simulations. Radial pair distribution functions of molecules with different translational mobilities have been evaluated, and it has been found that molecules belonging to the same dynamic domain are spatially correlated. The geometry of such associations depends on their specific mobility. Molecules with extremely large or extremely low mobilities form larger...
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Supercooled liquids, critical temperatures, molecular reorientation
Grup de recerca
SIMCON - First-principles approaches to condensed matter physics: quantum effects and complexity


  • Sese Castel, Gemma  (autor ponent)
  • Palomar Polo, Ricardo  (autor ponent)
  • Ortiz de Urbina Viade, Jordi  (autor ponent)