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Unfolding strategic management practices in leading European technological Universities

Girotto, M.; Llinas-Audet, Xavier
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EAIR 35th Annual Forum 2013 -The Impact of Higher Education: Addressing the challenges of the 21st century -
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EAIR 35th Annual Forum 2013
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Programa LLP-SUMUP: Strategic University Management. Unfolding Practices
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This paper explores the study results conducted in the framework of a LLP-European project on the field of university modernization that carried out a survey amongst leading European universities in Science and Technology. The focus of the study was to better understand how strategy is developed within these universities, which tools are mostly used and how the strategic management processes are organized and implemented. The paper is framed to analyze the fundamental questions being examined:...
Girotto, M.; Llinas-Audet, Xavier. Unfolding strategic management practices in leading European technological Universities. A: The European Higher Education Society. "EAIR 35th Annual Forum 2013". Rotherdam: 2013.
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Governance, Higher education policy/development, Leadership, Management, Strategic planning
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GRDU - Grup de recerca en Direcció Universitària