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Deconfigurable microprocessor architectures for silicon debug acceleration

Foutris, N.; Gizopoulos, D.; Vera, F.J.; Gonzalez, A.
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40th International Symposium on Computer Architecture
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ISCA 2013: the 40th Annual International Symposium on Computer Architecture: conference proceedings: June 23-27, 2013: Tel-Aviv, Israel
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The share of silicon debug in the overall microprocessor chips development cycle is rapidly expanding due to the ever growing design complexity and the limited efficiency of pre-silicon validation methods. Massive application of short random test programs on the prototype microprocessor chips is one of the most effective parts of silicon debug. However, a major bottleneck and source of “noise” in this phase is that large numbers of random test programs fail due to the same or similar...
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Deconfiguration, Microprocessor silicon debug, Validation
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ARCO - Microarquitectura i Compiladors


  • Foutris, Nikos  (autor ponent)
  • Gizopoulos, Dimitris  (autor ponent)
  • Vera Rivera, Francisco Javier  (autor ponent)
  • Gonzalez Colas, Antonio Maria  (autor ponent)