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Resilience-Increasing Strategies for Coasts - toolKIT

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Competitive project
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Commission of European Communities
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167.444,36 €
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Resilience-Increasing Strategies for Coasts – toolKIT (RISC-KIT) will deliver ready-to-use methods, tools and management approaches to reduce risk and increase resilience to low-frequency, high-impact hydro-meteorological events. The open-source and free-ware RISC-KIT tool kit will consist of ¿ a Coastal Risk Assessment Framework (CRAF) which - at the regional scale (100’s km) - can quickly assess present and future hot spot areas of coastal risk due to multi-hazards ¿ a quantitative, high-resolution Early Warning and Decision Support System (EWS/DSS) for use on these hot spots (with a scale of 10’s of km) and ¿ a web-based management guide offering innovative, cost-effective, ecosystem-based DRR measures; and ¿ a Coastal Risk Database of present and historic socio-economic and physical data. These tools will enable Europe’s coastal managers, decision-makers and stakeholders to ¿ identify hot spot areas; ¿ produce timely forecasts and early warnings; ¿ evaluate the effect of climate-related, socio-economic and cultural changes on coastal risk; and ¿ choose the best prevention, mitigation and preparedness measures for their coast. The toolkit will be tested using data collected on ten diverse case study sites along each of Europe’s regional seas and one international site. The toolkit’s performance will be evaluated with an End-User Board of coastal managers, civil protection agencies and local governments with a vested interest in each of these case study sites. The RISC-KIT products will help to achieve rapid attainment of UNISDR Disaster Reduction Goals and promote EU-consistent methods through innovative e-learning and open access publication. RISC-KIT will have an active synergy with Belmont Forum projects, related EU projects and an International Expert Board with members from third countries experiencing similar types of threats.
VII Programa Marc de la Unió Europea 2007-2013
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Cooperation Specific Programme
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Environment (including Climate Change)
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