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Applying ISD to the LPG terminal involved in the San Juanico disaster through the use of QRA

Bernechea, E.; Arnaldos, J.
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2013 - AIChE Spring Meeting & 9th Global Congress on Process Safety
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2013 -AIChE Spring Meeting & 9th Global Congress on Process Safety: Conference Proceeding
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http://www.aiche.org/ccps/resources/chemeondemand/conference-presentations/applying-isd-lpg-terminal-involved-san-juanico-disaster-through-use-qra Open in new window
Inherently Safer Design (ISD) or Inherently Safer Technology (IST) is a concept that, in direct relation to the process industries, dates from 1974, when, after the Flixborough explosion Trevor Kletz questioned the need for such large quantities of hazardous materials to be stored in process plants, as well as the need for processing at such elevated pressures and temperatures. The Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) has produced a definition for Inherently Safer Technology: “Inherently...
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CERTEC - Centre for Technological Risk Studies