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Effect of citric acid on quality of fresh-cut potato strips under vacuum packaging

Alvares Amaral, R.; Bachelli, M.L.B.; Benedetti, B. C.; Achaerandio, I.; Pujola, M.
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XI International Controlled and Modified Atmosphere Research Conference
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Citric acid can be employed in the fresh-cut process of potatoes to prevent enzymatic browning, because it promotes the inhibition of polyphenol oxidase (PPO) by pH reduction and chelation the copper at the active site of the enzyme. In the present work, the effect of citric acid on color, ascorbic acid content, texture and dry matter of fresh-cut potato strips stored under vacuum packaging and after frying was investigated. This system of modified atmosphere is recommended because preserves the...
browning, fresh-cut, minimal processing
Group of research
ALIMen - Grup of Food Engineering and Production
GINEMQUAL - Gestió Integrada de Nematodes Fitoparàsits i dels Efectes sobre el Rendiment i Qualitat de la Collita