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Curricular internationalization at catalan universities: still far from ICL/CLIL

Aguilar Perez, Marta.; Arno, E.; Mancho, G.
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3rd Integrating Content and Language in Higher Education Conference
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ICLHE 2013: Integrating content and language in higher education: Maastricht University, 11 April-13
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Catalan universities are committed to internationalization, as evidenced by the publication of their internationalization policy documents. Taking curricular internationalization as one of the university internationalization dimensions (Wätcher, 2008), it is observable that Catalan universities have implemented curricular internationalization processes, ranging from the selection of competences dealing with foreign language command in the syllabi, to the implementation of these competences thro...
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EMI, FL competence., ICL, internationalisation at HEI, tertiary education