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A framework for the benchmarking of OD estimation and prediction algorithms

Antoniou, C.; Ciuffo, B.; Lídia Montero; Casas, J.; Barcelo, J.; Cipriani, E.; Djukic, T.; Marzano, V.; Nigro, M.; Bullejos, M.A.; Perarnau, J.; Breen, M.; Punzo, V.; Toledo, T.
Type of activity
Presentation of work at congresses
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93rd Annual Meeting TRB
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In this research we describe the development of a common evaluation and benchmarking platform that has been developed within the framework of the European Union COST Action MULTITUDE. The main goal of this platform is to provide a testbed in which a number of algorithms can be implemented and tested under the same conditions. The objective is not to conclude that one approach is “best”, but to provide a support comparison in a variety of settings and conditions in order to help determine the...
Origin-Destination (OD) estimation, Traffic modeling
Group of research
IMP - Information Modelling and Processing
inLab FIB


  • Antoniou, Constantinos  (author and speaker )
  • Ciuffo, Biagio  (author and speaker )
  • Montero Mercade, Lidia  (author and speaker )
  • Casas Vilaró, Jordi  (author and speaker )
  • Barcelo Bugeda, Jaime  (author and speaker )
  • Cipriani, Ernesto  (author and speaker )
  • Djukic, Tamara  (author and speaker )
  • Marzano, Vittorio  (author and speaker )
  • Nigro, Marialisa  (author and speaker )
  • Bullejos González, Manuel Antonio  (author and speaker )
  • Perarnau, Josep  (author and speaker )
  • Breen, Martijn  (author and speaker )
  • Punzo, Vincenzo  (author and speaker )
  • Toledo, Tomer  (author and speaker )