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ISO/IEC 9126 in practice: what do we need to know?

Botella, P.; Burgues, X.; Carvallo, J.P.; Franch, X.; Grau, G.; Marco, J.; Quer, C.
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First Software Measurement European Forum
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SMEF 2004: software measurement european forum 2004: Rome 28-29-30 January 2004
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ISO/IEC 9126 is currently one of the most widespread quality standards. In its actual form it embraces both quality models and metrics. Due to its generic nature, some of the concepts presented therein need to be refined before using the standard in a real project. In our paper, we aim at exploring which are the concepts that require being more elaborated before putting the standard to work. Specifically, with respect to the part 1 of the standard we focus on the hierarchical form of the quality...
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GESSI - Grup d'Enginyeria del Software i dels Serveis