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Multiuser Museum Interactives for Shared Cultural Experiences: an Agent Based Approach

Yee-King, M.; Confalonieri, R.; de Jonge, D.; Hazelden, K.; Carles, S.; d'Inverno, M.; Amgoud, L.; Osman, N.
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AAMAS2013 12th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-agent systems
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Proceedings of the 2013 international conference on Autonomous agents and multi-agent systems
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Multiuser museum interactives are computer systems installed in museums or galleries which allow several visitors to interact together with digital representations of artefacts and information from the museum's collection. WeCurate is such a system, providing a multiuser curation workflow where the aim is for the users to synchronously view and discuss a selection of images, finally choosing a subset of these images that the group would like to add to their group collection. The system presents ...
collective decision making, multiagent system
Group of research
KEMLG - Knowledge Engineering and Machine Learning Group


  • Yee-King, Matthew  (author and speaker )
  • Confalonieri, Roberto  (author and speaker )
  • de Jonge, Dave  (author and speaker )
  • Hazelden, Katina  (author and speaker )
  • Sierra Garcia, Carles  (author and speaker )
  • d'Inverno, Mark  (author and speaker )
  • Amgoud, Leila  (author and speaker )
  • Osman, Nardine  (author and speaker )