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Espacialidades e especificidades : as operações urbanas consorciadas como ferramenta de planejamento e de gestão do espaço

Type of activity
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The operação urbana consorciada, instrument of urban policy instituted by the Estatuto da Cidade, Federal Law n° 10.257/01, may be used as planning and management mechanism since based in: recognition of local specificities, obligation and benefits partition inherent to the urbanization processes and the participation of the town actors in the decision on socioterritorial interventions. The instrument shall be formatted as a complex system of public policies feasibility inserted in the distri...
Group of research
GRU - Urbanism Research Group


  • Olivera Monteiro, Lívia  (author)
  • Sabate Bel, Joaquin  (director)
  • Borges de Moraes, Fernanda  (Codirector and president)
  • Furtado de Oliveira e Silva, Fernanda  (member of the tribunal )
  • Abritta Cota, Daniela  (member of the tribunal )
  • Gomes de Mendonça, Jupira  (member of the tribunal )