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Paisagens vitalizadas : transformações morfológicas decorrentes de megaeventos esportivos em Barcelona, Espanha, e no Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

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In the context of globalization, the competition between cities is a recurring phenomenon. Accordingly, an urban inflection opportunity, is an objective to exposure image of the City in a global setting. In this research, this opportunity is analyzed from the perspective of mega sporting events, considering that such events have been recognized as a tool for urban trans formation. Based upon the concept of spatial structure by “systems of actions and objects,” the overall goal of this resear...
Group of research
GRU - Urbanism Research Group


  • Nerone Gadens, Leticia  (author)
  • Sabate Bel, Joaquin  (director)
  • Antunes Hardt, Letícia Peret  (President and codirector)
  • Ultramari, Clovis  (member of the tribunal )
  • Vassalo Santos Cabral, João Carlos  (member of the tribunal )
  • Kleiman, Mauro  (member of the tribunal )