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TEFIS: a single access point for conducting multifaceted experiments on heterogeneous test facilities

Yannuzzi, M.; Siddiqui, M. S.; Sällström, A.; Pickering, B.; Serral, R.; Martinez, A.; Chen, W.; Taylor, S.; Benbadis, F.; Leguay, J.; Borrelli, E.; Ormaetxea, I.; Campowsky, K.; Giammatteo, G.; Aristomenopoulos, G.; Papavassiliou, S.; Kuczynski, T.; Zielinski, S.; Seigneur, J.; Ballester Lafuente, C.; Johansson, J.; Masip, X.; Caria, M.; Ribeiro Junior, J.; Salageanu, E.; Latanicki, J.
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Computer networks
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A few years ago, an experimental facility composed of networking gear and simulation tools was sufficient for testing the main features of a prototype before the final product could be launched to the Internet market. This paradigm has certainly changed, but the lack of platforms enabling the realistic assessment of the different facets of a product, including cross-cutting trials across different testbeds, poses strong limitations for researchers and developers. In light of this, we present an ...
Yannuzzi, M. [et al.]. TEFIS: a single access point for conducting multifaceted experiments on heterogeneous test facilities. "Computer networks", 22 Abril 2014, vol. 63, p. 147-172.
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Experimental, Fire, Living labs, Networks, Testbeds, Versatility
Grup de recerca
CRAAX - Centre de Recerca d'Arquitectures Avançades de Xarxes


  • Yannuzzi, Marcelo  (autor)
  • Siddiqui, Muhammad Shuaib  (autor)
  • Sällström, Annika  (autor)
  • Pickering, B.  (autor)
  • Serral Gracia, Rene  (autor)
  • Martinez Manzanilla, Anny Gabriela  (autor)
  • Chen, W.  (autor)
  • Taylor, S.  (autor)
  • Benbadis, F.  (autor)
  • Leguay, J.  (autor)
  • Borrelli, E.  (autor)
  • Ormaetxea, I.  (autor)
  • Campowsky, Konrad  (autor)
  • Giammatteo, G.  (autor)
  • Aristomenopoulos, G.  (autor)
  • Papavassiliou, Symeon  (autor)
  • Kuczynski, T.  (autor)
  • Zielinski, S.  (autor)
  • Seigneur, J.M.  (autor)
  • Ballester Lafuente, Carlos  (autor)
  • Johansson, J.  (autor)
  • Masip Bruin, Javier  (autor)
  • Caria, M.  (autor)
  • Ribeiro Junior, J.R.  (autor)
  • Salageanu, Email  (autor)
  • Latanicki, J.  (autor)