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Lunar Science as a Window into the early History of the Solar System

Crawford, I.; Joy, J.; Bowles, N.; Jaumann, J.; Anand, M.; Bottke, B.; Bray, V.; Burchell, M.; Carpenter, J.; Chaussidon, M.; Chela-Flores, J.; Cockell, C.; D'Arrigo, P.; de Vera, J.; Flake, H.; Fernandes, V.; Fritz, J.; Gao, Y.; Grady, M.; Grande, M.; Grindrod, M.; Gutierrez, J.
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3 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY We propose a Cosmic Vision ‘Science Theme’ of using lunar science as a window into the early history of the Solar System. The near surface lunar environment contains a rich record of inner Solar System history. Accessing this record will directly address key elements of ESA’s Cosmic Vision themes, especially Theme 1 (‘Planets and Life’) and Theme 2 (‘How does the Solar System Work?’). In particular, the main areas of lunar science that will ...
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Lunar exploration, Moon, Planetology, Space Systems engineering


  • Crawford, Ian  (autor)
  • Joy, J  (autor)
  • Bowles, N  (autor)
  • Jaumann, J  (autor)
  • Anand, M  (autor)
  • Bottke, B  (autor)
  • Bray, V  (autor)
  • Burchell, M  (autor)
  • Carpenter, J  (autor)
  • Chaussidon, M  (autor)
  • Chela Flores, J  (autor)
  • Cockell, C  (autor)
  • D'Arrigo, P  (autor)
  • de Vera, Jean-Pierre  (autor)
  • Flake, H  (autor)
  • Fernandes, V  (autor)
  • Fritz, J  (autor)
  • Gao, Y  (autor)
  • Grady, M  (autor)
  • Grande, Manuel  (autor)
  • Grindrod, M  (autor)
  • Gutierrez Cabello, Jorge Luis  (autor)