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On the origin of high-field magnetic white dwarfs

Garcia-berro, E.; Torres, S.; Loren, P.; Aznar, G.; Camacho, J.; Kulebi, B.; Isern, J.; Althaus, L. G.; Corsico, A.
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18th European White Dwarf Workshop. Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series
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Astronomical Society of the Pacific
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Every two years, white dwarf researchers and enthusiasts meet to exchange their knowledge and discuss recent developments in white dwarf theory and observations. These proceedings are from the 18th European White Dwarf Workshop held at Pedagogical University of Cracow (Krakow, Poland) on 13th - 17th August, 2012. The scientific topics discussed in this Workshop included: pulsating white dwarfs; luminosity function, mass distribution, and populations; white dwarf structure and evolution; white...
Garcia-berro, E. [et al.]. On the origin of high-field magnetic white dwarfs. A: "18th European White Dwarf Workshop. Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series". 390 ASHTON AVE. SAN FRANCISCO: Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2013, p. 423-428.
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High-field magnetic white dwarfs have been long suspected to be the result of stellar mergers. However, convective, differentially rotating corona present in the outer layers of the remnant of the merger of two degenerate cores is able to produce magnetic fields of the required strength that do not decay for long timescales. We also show, that the expected number of high-field magnetic white dwarfs produced in this way is consistent with that found in the solar neighborhood., the nature of the coalescing stars and the precise mechanism that produces the magnetic field are still unknown. Here we show that the hot, using an state-of-the-art Monte Carlo simulator
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CTE-CRAE - Grup de Recerca en Ciències i Tecnologies de l'Espai
GAA - Grup d'Astronomia i Astrofísica


  • Garcia-berro Montilla, Enrique  (autor)
  • Torres Gil, Santiago  (autor)
  • Loren Aguilar, Pablo  (autor)
  • Aznar Siguan, Gabriela  (autor)
  • Camacho Díaz, Judit  (autor)
  • Kulebi, Baybar  (autor)
  • Isern Vilaboy, Jordi  (autor)
  • Althaus, Leandro G.  (autor)
  • Corsico, Alejandro H.  (autor)