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From sea water reverse osmosis desalination brines to chemical products: valorization of NaCl by electrodialysis in the chlor-alkali industry

Reig, M.; Gibert, O.; Cortina, J.
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6th International Water & Health Seminar
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Desalination plants are used to supply high quality water to the population. Although, the main problem of this process is the high quantity of reverse osmosis desalination brines (RODB) that are produced, which are disposed into the sea generating environmental impacts in the reception points such as diminishing the amount of flora and creating salinity, temperature and alkalinity gradients. In the brines, contaminants concentration is higher than in the feed furthermore, the biodiversity of th...
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CRnE - Centre de Recerca en Ciència i Enginyeria Multiescala de Barcelona
R2EM - Resource Recovery and Environmental Management